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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best Medicine-, it is a common saying we have heard for countless years. But is it true?

Medical research has shown the body responds well to humor, it helps us deal with illnesses, the pressures of day to day life; we cope better at work and will change the quality of our lives.

We laugh for different reasons, what I find humorous may not necessarily make you laugh. But whatever makes us laugh makes us feel good. And for a detectable health reason-

Laughter has been shown to reduce certain stress hormones, changes the flight-fright responses that occur in times of stress.

Laughter boosts our immune system, lowers our blood pressure, and increases our oxygen levels.

Laughter due to its’ physical nature gives us an overall body workout. So you can have fun, keep fit and stay healthy all in one easy step. Just laugh-

So we should laugh more, read comics, see funny or light-hearted movies, watch comedies on television etc. Whatever it takes just laugh and more fun.

John Kehoe said in one of his books -if you are not doing three fun things in a day, you are ageing quicker than you should’. Can you remember when you last did three fun things in a day or even a week?

A person I know has a job that isn’t overly interesting- you guessed it, he’s an Accountant. One of the things he does each day to bring a bit of fun into his job is to choose a word each day.

Now this word is not necessarily a normal word. It might be -Quasimodo’ for example. He then has to use this word in context in three conversations in his day without anybody suspecting. It doesn’t detract from his work but it makes it more fun for him. If you have a larger staff numbers, this can get very interesting and a great way to make the day go quicker and keeping the day light and fun filled.

But there are numerous things to do, both at work and at home to add laughter into our lives. Look at the number of web-sites that are dedicated to humor, many will send you a joke of the day, or a humorous quote etc. An email with a small laugh attached is a good way to start the day.

But make a point of seeing a funny movie, or hiring a DVD regularly to lighten the mood. Buy TV series that you find funny and watch them every now and then. But make it a habit; it is the habitual nature of things that bring us down. Changing bad habits to good will also raise the energy and laughter in our lives.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine. Life is fast paced, hectic and chaotic at times. Taking a break and having a laugh with friends or family is one of the best remedies you can have – go ahead just laugh.

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Four Myths About Holistic Medicine Debunked!

While ignorance may be bliss in some arenas, ignorance about holistic medicine could mean you are missing out on the significant health benefits that it offers.

I have to admit being one of those who’ve harbored misconceptions about the practice of holistic or alternative medicine and therapies. Luckily for me, I happened to come across a DVD-based education program offered by The Center for Healing Arts, which offers a unique way to learn more about this mysterious practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These DVDs helped me not only to explore for myself the truth behind many of the most common misconceptions but also opened my eyes to the wisdom of holistic health philosophies that have been in existence for centuries.

To all of you who still believe that holistic therapies are a crazy fad practiced only by desperate people and weird people; this article looks at the truth behind some of the myths surrounding holistic care. For those of you who want the -Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth’ beyond the 4 myths examined in this article, learn from the carefully selected expert healing arts practitioners offered on The Center for Healing Arts film sessions by simply becoming a member of their DVD series. Over time you’ll have the information and guidance to go in-depth, find your own way and find what’s right for you.

Myth #1- People who use holistic therapies are either ignorant or desperate

Nothing could not be further from the truth! A 2005 study by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences estimated that 15 million adults take herbal remedies and/or vitamins in conjunction with their prescriptions. Moreover, at least one-third of American adults reported having used at least one type of complementary or alternative medicine in their lifetime. These adults were neither ignorant nor desperate; they just strongly believed in the power of alternative medicine.

Myth #2- Holistic health care is steeped in evil. It is the stuff of witch doctors and the occult.

This misconception is typical of a society that has been taught to rebuke and fear native and indigenous cultures where the original medicines of the earth originated. While many holistic practices were founded by those of the Buddhist, Hindu or other belief systems, it is important to remember that in ancient cultures the native shamans and spiritual leaders were often the most well educated members of society. Further, these holistic methods are founded on the concept of creating harmony of the mind, body and spirit. This makes the fact that they were tied to their culture’s spiritual belief system much more easy to understand.

Myth #3- Holistic medicine is just a fad that will eventually just fade away.

Firstly, -holistic medicine- is an umbrella term that is typically used in the west to encompass a large number of methods that share the common bond of working to harmonize the mind, body and spirit into one health and whole being. It is important to note that as many as 90% of the people in the world are using holistic and other -alternative- methods for their health care. The majority of these methods are derived from centuries-old healing practices around the globe. The western idea that these methods are a fad is based on the fact that these methods are new to us. Make no mistake about it- holistic medicine is neither new, nor a fad.

Myth #4- I’m too old to try holistic medicine

Age should never be an excuse when it comes to embarking on a new adventure, especially when that very something has the potential to improve your health & quality of life and increase your lifespan! Some holistic practices – like Yoga for instance – require very little dexterity from beginners and can actually improve your overall flexibility faster and more easily than you might have imagined. Don’t ever let your age limit your desire to learn – to stop learning is to stop living. Regardless of what you may believe, old dogs can- and do- learn new tricks!

Ultimately, the best way to separate the myth from the reality of holistic medicine is to explore and educate yourself so that you can make your own decisions. The truth is that you simply cannot afford to revoke your own inner guidance relating to the health and well being of yourself and your family to anyone else. In my opinion, the in-depth series offered by The Center for Healing Arts is an incomparable resource for beginner and expert alike to drink the refreshing waters offered by heart centered healing arts practitioners steeped and anchored in ancient esoteric wellness traditions. Exposure to a wide range of healing arts modalities over time allows you to find what resonates most with you and the confidence to follow your own path toward overall health. Keep debunking any internal myths that prevent you from following your heart’s health desires.


The Natural Path to Preventative Medicine

The prohibitive costs associated with health and medical care are one of the main causes of the health care crisis we are experiencing today. Fewer people are able to afford something as basic as a visit to the doctor for a routine checkup, much less a more serious visit that might result in being admitted to the hospital for a length of time. Many Prescription medications are so expensive that elderly patients are forced to ration them and at times even choose which ones they need the most when they cannot afford to pay for everything that is prescribed. This catch-22 creates a boomerang effect that lowers recovery moral and often depletes wellness optimism that is needed for recovery and symptom management.

As I tried to find a way out of this dilemma; for my own good as well as the good of my family, a friend suggested that I acknowledge I was on the traditional heath treadmill and explore other healing avenues. He suggested I check out the DVD series offered by The Center for Healing Arts. Facilitated by healing arts experts who are carefully chosen for their knowledge and experience in their chosen field of study, this DVD series offers you an in-depth look into the world of holistic medicine and helps you unravel its many mysteries.

Preventative Medicine to the Rescue

Over the past 20 years or so, the idea of preventative medicine has gained momentum among people who are -sick and tired of being sick and tired-. The concept makes perfect sense if you think about it – take proper care of yourself before you get sick. If you take steps to prevent illness, your body is much less likely to be susceptible to whatever communicable disease happens to be going around the office at any given time. The old adage about an ounce of prevention being worth more than a pound of cure has found new relevance in today’s economy.

Prevention Takes Action

Preventative medicine can be as simple as increasing your activity level by walking a few times a week or as in-depth as joining a gym. Here are a few other tips that can go a long way toward preventing poor health:

Stop smoking – No excuses; everybody knows it’s bad for health and that it can lead to cancer, heart and lung disease. Smoking affects more than just the person who smokes; it also affects those around you so think about your family, friends and co-workers when you are debating whether to give it up or not.

Cut the Sugar – According to The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates, the average American consumes about 20 teaspoons of sugar every day. Most people take in much of that sugar without even realizing it. If you are one of those who are shaking their heads in doubt, allow me to point out that can of soda on your desk – it contains about 9 teaspoons of sugar in just 12 ounces.

Eat More Color -Have you ever noticed that most comfort foods are brown? One simple way to help your body help itself is by consuming more fruits and vegetables – preferably in their raw state whenever possible. Nature has provided these gems of good health and filled them full of vitamins and nutrients, especially when they aren’t overcooked, over salted or over sweetened.

Wash your hands – It sounds like common sense because it is. We were all raised to wash our hands before meals and after using the restroom and this simple action alone can curb the spread of the viruses that cause colds and flu.

The Bottom Line

Preventative medicine means learning how what you are doing now can affect your health later. Holistic therapy embraces this idea to the fullest. Holism is based on the concept that mind, body and spirit should all work together harmoniously, that when one of the three are out of balance, the whole being suffers. The many therapies that fall under the heading of holism can be confusing to a beginner, but by learning more about these powerful health care practices it is possible to learn to take better care of your whole self before you find yourself in a health crisis.


How To Work Your Business Proficient

Are you looking for ways to make your company run more efficiently as well as more profitably?

Having current custom business software is the key to working a successful company. Making sure you have the most recent updates of computer software downloads will mean effectiveness for your company, thus affecting the annual profitability of your company. Keeping up with the technology will help you to stay ahead of the competition by giving instant and accurate results.

Computer software downloads are now presented in many forms, making it possible for company owners to purchase the form of business software they require to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. One of the main benefits of having access to computer software downloads is that you have instantaneous access to the software program. No more fighting traffic to get to the local store and make the purchase. No more ordering it online and having to wait for the cd or DVD to come in the mail. With computer software downloads, you’ll have your computer software immediately.

Business software applications have evolved as computer software downloads and like the term “download” are used immensely. The online promotion tools available to the business owner will come in various ways such as specialized PDF’s, online videos, affiliate marketing software, email advertising, and there is no end in sight. Taking advantage of the business software applications on the internet can be another giant bonus to the entrepreneur. Whatever market you may be involved with, the amount of computer software downloads that are at your disposal is enormous.

Running a business, at best, is very demanding. It will be every bit as rewarding; however, as it is demanding when you have the right software to steer you along. The great thing about the internet is that it offers software and business works software for almost any platform, whether you happen to be using Windows, Mac or Linux. Downloading and installation of these applications consist of step-by-step instructions that are very simple to follow so your software will immediately be up and running doing whatever task you need it to do.

You can be self-assured that when you choose any of the new business software applications, you are getting a software download that will increase company efficiency. Computer software programs have been around for quite awhile and are backed with genuine guarantees because they are rated as high-quality software. When large businesses are using simple and easy step-by-step business software applications, it would be reason enough to follow their lead.

Because they’ve been around and successfully used, you don’t need to worry about being the first “guinea pig” to try out a new program. You’ll be getting a software program that is not only successful but one that you’ll want to have around for a long time.

Don’t waste another minute that could be spent making a success of your business. With the best business software, profitability is simply within your reach. By getting some of the great new computer software downloads, you can start seeing what type of profit your business is capable of making almost instantly. Regardless of what kind of internet marketing you’re involved in, you’ll discover computer software downloads to meet your needs!

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What to Look for when Choosing a Cosmetic Dental Practice

There is one thing that holds true no matter if you live in cherry hill nj or anywhere else; a fear of dentists, no matter their type, is deep within the majority of us, and there seems to be very little we can do about it. The mere thought of a masked individual sticking their hands in our mouths, with or without the high-pitched, spinning sound of a drill, is enough to make even the most courageous among us as squeamish as a baby. So the attempt to search for a cosmetic dentist, even with the striking outcome we know awaits us, can be more dreary than looking for any other type of doctor.

Knowing what you should be looking for in a cosmetic dental practice will greatly assist in this pain-staking process. Aim to look for your most needed traits and attributes first in a prioritized order.

For instance, if you are deathly afraid of the dentist chair, be sure that your cosmetic dentist offers relaxation options for you, other than full anesthesia. Many dental offices now offer DVD’s for your viewing pleasure, CD’s for you to listen to, as well as many other options like aromatherapy, each set to relax you in the most comfortable way possible.

Of course, safety is on the minds of everyone, as well as the use of the most up-to-date technology available. Less invasive options for the latest in dental procedures is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the cosmetic dental industry.

And you mustn’t forget about the range of services offered within one cosmetic dental practice. Make sure that you are able to have a consultation describing exactly what you would like to/need to have done while being accommodated by the same practice. If you are in need of porcelain veneers and dental implants, be sure that they are both offered.

What about options? Wouldn’t you like to have a few which you have the ability to choose from? Differing options will most definitely mean differing costs, and since you are the one paying the charges, you shouldn’t have to be limited to just one choice.

Any cosmetic dental practice that does not have a list of prices at your disposal at any given time can leave the door wide open for a bunch of pricey surprises when the work has been finished. “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” is not an excuse within this growing industry, and you really shouldn’t have to ask for it.

As for the location of the practice, as long as you can find it or know where it is already, it’s really not a major concern. Sometimes a bit of privacy doesn’t hurt, especially if it’s something as important as creating a new, winning smile.


How to Introduce Holistic Medicine to Your Family

Holistic therapies are increasingly gaining more and more acceptance around the world as scores of frustrated people seek alternatives to expensive modern medical practices. These people have slowly begun to recognize that the very same modern medical practices that theyve relied on for so long, seek to treat the symptoms rather than cure the disease and avoid seeing the patient as a whole being in need of care not only for their body but their minds and spirits as well.

Interestingly, while individuals are turning to holistic medicine in record numbers, they are often wary of discussing such things with their friends and families out of the fear that they will be misunderstood.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you broach the topic of holistic medicine with your family:

Educate Yourself

Education is your first line of defense when faced with a discussion about an unfamiliar topic. Before you talk to your friends and family, read everything you can find on the subject of holistic health. Your local library branch or an internet search is a place to start, but you will also glean much more by actually seeing and being with holistic health practitioners and those on the holistic path. Reading books and information that are applicable to your own situation will make it much easier to field the unavoidable questions that will no doubt be forthcoming. Having such tools to use as a reference will give you confidence in introducing and discussing other health options with those who may be less supportive or knowledgeable.

Explain about Access to Affordable Health Care

When you first enter into the holistic discussion with others, it is best to approach it from a perspective that they are likely to understand right off the bat. Modern health care is prohibitively expensive and as such is out of reach for millions of people. Health care insurance if it is available at all can cost hundreds of dollars every month and still may not cover all of the costs associated with maintaining the health of you and your family. Regardless, even if you have the best health insurance seeking alternative healing arts modalities may be the best path for you.

Thankfully there are a number of holistic therapy options that are available to people irrespective of their age, current health condition or financial status.

Organize a Family Movie Night

One way to foster family togetherness is to incorporate a family movie night. In this relaxed atmosphere, discussions can take place in a comfortable and familiar environment, leaving many people much more receptive to new concepts. There are DVDs available on nearly any holistic therapy you can imagine and The Center for Healing Arts has made what to watch and share a simple task. Subscribers receive a new DVD every other month to review at their leisure, in the privacy of their own home.

According to founding director Victor Demko, sharing your newfound information is exactly what the Center had in mind. “Members of the center are encouraged to watch and share the DVDs with friends as part of creating a wellness mentality in their community. The DVDs can also be used to support friends and loved ones on their own wellness journey.”